Crystal Clear Table Top System

Crystal Clear Table Top System is a two component, high performance epoxy coating system for Epoxy Table Tops, Bars, and wood finishes. The system is formulated for see-through encapsulations, artwork, and other applications requiring a clear plastic coating. It is easy to apply with a one to one volume mix ratio, excellent air release characteristics, and a fast setting time. This epoxy coating system is the only choice for Epoxy Table Tops.

Before using table top epoxy, it is important to clean the work surface thoroughly and ensure that it is dry. Porous surfaces emit moisture and make the epoxy bond poorly, resulting in poor adhesion. Water trapped in concrete can cause delamination. For this reason, the epoxy must be applied over a dry surface. If the table top is not clean, the application process will be slow and inefficient. The mixture should be leveled and allow for the proper cure time.

Before starting the application process, make sure the workspace is cool enough. The ambient temperature should be at least 70degF. The epoxy must be mixed in a round, clean, and well-ventilated container. The mixing stick and cups should be kept clean. Once mixed, the epoxy should be spread out to level itself out and self-level. If the tabletop is uneven, a second layer may be required to fix the problem.

Before applying the tabletop epoxy, ensure that the surface is dry and clean. The resin should be at 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit. The ambient temperature should be around 70–80degF. When pouring the resin, you should use a heat gun. The gun should be waved quickly over the surface without scorching it. The heat will pop the bubbles, which will be removed by the next application. The resin should remain at room temperature for four to eight hours before the next recoating.

The table top epoxy should be applied to a clean, dry surface before applying it to other surfaces. The surface should be free from moisture, which may make the surface look yellow. If the tabletop is exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it should be coated with a UV-stable varnish to prevent yellowing. Afterward, the epoxy should cure for four to eight hours. If it is overcured, the tabletop epoxy will be inaccessible and will need to be reapplied.

When applying tabletop epoxy, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions. The epoxy should not bubble too much or bubble excessively. It should also be UV resistant, and it should be transparent and clear. While this isn’t essential, it is good to use a UV-resistant formula for a tabletop. A UV resistant formula will not discolor a surface, but a tinted resin might not require the same protection.

TableTop can be applied to nearly any horizontal surface. It is safe to use because it contains no volatile organic compounds. It is safe for food preparation, but it is not suitable for cutting boards and other surfaces that may sustain a knife. It is not recommended for use on cutting boards, but it can be used for many other purposes. It is also available in a range of colors, including bright red, blue, and green. It is a versatile choice for kitchen and bathroom floors.

Before applying table top epoxy, it is important to ensure that the surface is clean and dry. If the tabletop is exposed to direct sunlight, the epoxy will turn yellow. It is best to coat the top with a UV-stable varnish before placing it on the table. Moreover, it is important to avoid any hot item on the surface of the table because it can distort the finish of the epoxy. When applied on the floor, the tabletop epoxy should be spread evenly to allow it to self-level.

When using table top epoxy, it is important to note that the maximum pour depth is one eighth to one-fourth inch per layer. In order to prevent over-curing, it is important to keep the room temperature at a reasonable level. Besides, it is important to ensure the product is clean before applying it to the floor. In addition, it should be completely dry before application to avoid overcuring. In the event that it is, it should be cleaned before application.



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